Welcome to the Online Calculators website

These days, we all have access to a multitude of calculators, from the very basic - such as the one on the left (which is useable!) - to the scientific calculators with more buttons and functions on them than anyone with a life will ever use or know how or why to!

In most households and offices there are probably several calculators in existence. Our mobile phones have calculators on them, our PDA's have calculators on them, even some watches have calculators on them - but navigating the equipment to perform a simple addition can prove quite a challenge. Also, you can never find a calculator when you need one - we go looking for the adding machine with big orange buttons and the huge display, and by the time you've found it the sun has gone in or the LCD display has cracked!

The other problem with calculators is, apart from the basic functions - addition; subtraction; multiplication; division - there is an assumption that we know the required mathematics to solve a variety of everyday calculations.

Hence this site - bookmark this page and you will never lose your calculator again, it doesn't matter if the sun goes in as it isn't solar powered, and we don't use an LCD display!! We have some functional calculators e.g. the one on the left, but this site is all about being able to find the solution to a problem as quickly as possible, without necessarily knowing the maths required to do so.

We have developed a range of calculators to assist in everyday household, commercial, educational and leisure calculations - e.g. working out VAT, imperial to metric conversions, tools for maximising betting returns, loan rates etc... The calculators have been grouped as per the categories on the left. We hope you find the calculator you are looking for within this site. If you have found the site useful, why not bookmark the site and tell everyone you know. If you haven't been able to find the calculator you require, email us your suggestions and we'll see if we can create one that does the job.

The calculators that appear within this site are generally coded in JavaScript or PHP, and for some calculators we will publish and freely distribute the scripts and code if you wish to incorporate them within your own website.
If you have written some calculator scripts of your own, and would like to share them on this site drop us an email and we will consider their publication with full credit being acknowledged to the author.