Betting & Gambling Calculator for Backing Both Outcomes on a 2 Outcome Event

This tool is particularly useful for calculating stakes to place on both players to win in sports such as tennis and darts etc... where there are only two possible outcomes - one or other player wins.

On occasion, it is possible to make a profit by backing both players to win - for example you may back player 1 at decimal odds of 1.50 before the match starts, if you can achieve odds of over 3.00 on the other player you cannot lose if you place the correct stakes. Many sports are covered "in-running" by bookmakers where the odds can change frequently on both players often resulting in the opportunity to "arbitrage" your bets, guaranteeing a profit whatever the outcome if you manage to place both bets in the correct proportion.

You can use the calculators in this section free of charge, but do so entirely at your own risk - if you are unsure don't use them - once you have mastered the practice of arbitrage betting, you will find this calculator and our other betting calculators a very valuable resource indeed!

NOTE: Very often, by the time you have spotted an arbitrage situation and worked out which stakes to place, the opportunity may have gone away, or you may find that you place one half of the bet and the odds have changed against you before you can get the second bet placed - so things can and will go wrong for you from time to time, so don't bet more than you are prepared to lose. We have calculators on this site to help you work out how to minimise potential losses in this situation, and would suggest you familiarise yourself with them before you rely on them, so that you can move fast and confidently. Some betting sites also charge a commission so you will need to adjust their odds to take account of this otherwise you could end up making a loss.

2 Outcome Arbitrage Betting Calculator - (JavaScript)

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