Lucky 15 Calculator

This Lucky 15 calculator calculates the potential payout for a bet that includes 15 individual bets on four selections in different events, including four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.

Luis Anaya

Luis Anaya

Jan 15 2021

Lucky 15 Calculator

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Calculator Instructions

Before you can work out the potential returns from your bet you need 5 pieces of information:

  • The amount of money you would like to risk
  • The odds of the 4 selections that you would like to back

Remember, a lucky 15 is made of 15 bets. If you choose a stake of £15, £15 will be the stake per bet. Since you are placing 15 bets your total stake would £225. To work out your stake per bet oin order to hit a target total stake, just divide your target total stake by 15:

Stake per bet = Target total stake / 15
£1 = £15 / 15

Having worked out your ideal stake per bet enter it into the unit stake field in the calculator. Now add the fractional odds for each of your 4 selections. If you have decimal odds use the odds conversion calculator to convert them to fractional, then enter them into the lucky 15 calculator.

Hit the Calculate button to see the potential returns and profit of your Lucky 15 bet. As your bet progresses you can use the menu next to each selection to indicate whether it won or lost. Each time you change between won and lost just hit Calculate again to get an updated calculation of your returns and profit.

What Is A Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 bet is 15 bets rolled into one made up of the following permutations of 4 selections:

  • 4X singles
  • 6X doubles
  • 4X trebles
  • 1X fourfold accumulator.
4X Singles6X Doubles4X TreblesX1 Fourfold
Bet 1Bet 2Bet 3Bet 4Bet 5Bet 6Bet 7Bet 8Bet 9Bet 10Bet 11Bet 12Bet 13Bet 14Bet 15
pick 1xxxxxxxx
pick 2xxxxxxxx
pick 3xxxxxxxx
pick 4xxxxxxxx

If you would prefer to place a single bet made of several selections then please try out ouraccumulator calculator.

How Are The Returns Calculated?

To work out the returns from a Lucky 15 the first thing you need to do is work out which of the 15 bets won and which lost. Perhaps you are having a day out at Leicester races, it's the 6th September 2022 and you fancy the following runners:

  • Leicester 13:00: Mrs Meader @ 11/2
  • Leicester 13:30: Youngest @ 7/1
  • Leicester 14:05: Rage Of Bamby @ 11/10
  • Leicester 14:40: Rive Usk @ 9/2

Your bet got off to a flying start, with the first 3 legs all winning, but the 4th leg let you down. Using the chart above we can see that we ended up with the following winning bets:

SingleMrs Meader11/2
SingleYoungest 7/1
SingleRage Of Bamby11/10
DoubleMrs Meader + Youngest 51/1
DoubleMrs Meader + Rage Of Bamby12.65/1
DoubleYoungest + Rage Of Bamby15.8/1
TrebleMrs Meader + Youngest + Rage Of Bamby108.2/1

As the table shows, one losing selection has cost us just over half of our bets, with 8 losing and only 7 winning. However, this Lucky 15 still returns a decent profit:

Returns from all winning single bets: £16.60
Returns from all winning double bets: £82.45
Returns from all winning treble bets: £109.20

Total returns: £208.25

Total stake: £15

Profit: £193.25

Famous Lucky 15 Bets

In February 2022 a punter from Nottingham won £14,836 after placing a 20p Lucky 15 on the Musselburgh horse racing meet. Staking £3, made up of 15 20p bets, this lucky punter had winners at 8/1, 28/1, 33/1 and 15/2

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a lucky 15?

A lucky 15 is a package of 15 bets derived from 4 selections. It includes 4 single bets, 6 double bets, 4 treble bets and 1 fourfold.

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