Lucky 15 Calculator

A Lucky 15 bet are 15 bets rolled into one.

To place a Lucky 15 bet, you first need to choose 4 different picks. From this set of picks, the following 15 unique bet permutations are created:

  • 4X singles
  • 6X doubles
  • 4X trebles
  • 1X fourfold accumulator.
4X Singles6X Doubles4X TreblesX1 Fourfold
Bet 1Bet 2Bet 3Bet 4Bet 5Bet 6Bet 7Bet 8Bet 9Bet 10Bet 11Bet 12Bet 13Bet 14Bet 15
pick 1xxxxxxxx
pick 2xxxxxxxx
pick 3xxxxxxxx
pick 4xxxxxxxx

Enter a unit stake and the fractional odds for your 4 picks in the inputs below. To see how your total returns are afected depending on how each of your picks do, select won or loss in dropdown next to each pick input.



total stake (£)
total return (£)
total profit (£)

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