Journey Cost Calculator

A journey cost calculator estimates the cost of a trip, taking into account factors such as distance, fuel efficiency, fuel prices, tolls, and parking fees.

Luis Anaya

Luis Anaya

Jan 15 2021

Journey Cost Calculator

The formula to calculate cost of a vehicle journey is:

Journey Cost = (Journey Distance / Fuel Efficiency) * 4.54609188 * (Fuel Price / 100)

  • Journey Distance unit = miles
  • Fuel Efficiency unit = miles per imperial gallons
  • 4.54609188 = equivalent in litres of 1 imperial gallon
  • Fuel Price unit = pence per litre
  • 100 = equivalent in pences of 1 pound sterling

Enter the trip's distance, your vehicle's fuel efficiency, and the price of petrol in the inputs below.

journey cost calculator


A journey of 0 miles in a vehicle with a fuel efficiency of 0 mpg will cost £0

journey cost (£)