Depreciation Calculator (Straight Line Method)

A straight-line method depreciation calculator is a tool that calculates the value of an asset over time using a depreciation method where the asset's value decreases by a fixed amount each year, based on its initial value and the expected lifespan.

Luis Anaya

Luis Anaya

Jan 15 2021

Depreciation Calculator (Straight Line Method)

depreciation straight line calculator

Annual Depreciation Amount (£)
Monthly Depreciation Amount (£)
Depreciation Period (mos.)

Calculator Instructions

To use this simple depreciation calculator you need two values: Historical Cost of Goods and number of years to deprecaite over. According to accounting best practices the number of years to deprecaite over should reflect the assets useful economic life.

When your values are entered into the calculator, press the Calculate button. You will instantly be presented with annual and monthly depreciation amounts that have been calculated using the straight line depreciation method. calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the straight line depreciation method?

The straight line method of depreciation evenly spreads the total depreciation of an asset across each period of the useful life of an asset.

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